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7 ways to inspire your team by showing care

7 Ways to Inspire Your Team by Showing Care

What kind of people do you want to be around? What kind of person motivates you to do your best? To become the best version of yourself? If you’re like me, the simple answer…

don't lead with competence. lead with connection

Don’t Lead with Competence, Lead with Connection

Have you ever been so pressured on a project that you focused solely on the tasks and forgot that you are working with human beings—people who have anxieties, fears, hopes, and dreams just…

3 Practices to Repair Relational Ruptures

3 Practices to Repair Relational Ruptures

Recently, I was reminded that relationships are dynamic—always changing, unfolding, developing. Along with the changes, ruptures and conflict in relationships are inevitable. They happen all the time. It’s part of what it means…

Learn more about what it means to BE CONNECTED.



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  • Phil Cooke

    "In business or nonprofit work, two of the most important leadership skills are connecting with people, and helping teams thrive. Dr. Todd Hall has developed a remarkable program for helping you engage with your team, and inspire them to accomplish amazing things."

    Phil Cooke | Cooke Pictures

    Filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

  • Irene Neller

    "As Vice President for University Communications and Marketing, I've relied upon the expertise of Dr. Todd Hall to evaluate our various marketing teams and further strengthen our teamwork and leadership."

    Irene Neller | Fuller Seminary

    Former VP for University Communications and Marketing,
    Biola University

  • Joshua Miller

    "Dr. Todd Hall brings a great wealth of insight as a coach and consultant. By helping leaders and teams connect to their core motivations, and build positive relationships, Todd empowers clients to achieve breakthrough performance."

    Joshua Miller | Sima International

    Co-Developer of MCORE & Managing Director at SIMA® International