3 Ways Story Can Help You Create a Meaningful Life

Last week my 15 year-old son, Aiden, broke his leg playing soccer. His foot got caught as he tried to change directions and his ankle rolled, breaking the tibia in his right leg….


6 Ways to Minimize the Impact of Work Stress on Health

Recently, over lunch my dad told me about a period toward the end of his career in which the stress of his workload started to have a significant effect on his health. Now…


Do You Ever Get Discouraged?

*This is a guest post by psychologist Dr. Paul White. Learn more about Paul’s great work at You work hard, try your best, and still, things don’t work out as you hoped.  You…

In business or nonprofit work, two of the most important leadership skills are connecting with people, and helping teams thrive. Dr. Todd Hall has developed a remarkable program for helping you engage with your team, and inspire them to accomplish amazing things.

- Phil Cooke
Filmmaker, Media consultant, and Author, One Big Thing


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