beyond happy: 5 factors for a fulfilling life (backed by science)

Beyond Happy: 5 Factors for a Fulfilling Life, Backed by Science

As I reflect on my life, I realize there are moments when I feel happy in the sense of positive emotions. I feel good physically and emotionally. My basic needs are met, there’s…

6 Research Backed Practices to Create a Connected Culture

6 Research Backed Practices to Create a Connected Culture

I wrote for Human Capital Institute this past Friday on building a culture of connection in your work environment. Have a look below, and click here to read the full post. I recently heard…


3 Practices to Create Relational Tipping Points

Work is hard. But it’s even harder when you feel misunderstood, disconnected, alone, and unlovable. These common feelings are often based on relational filters that can have a profound impact on our work….

In business or nonprofit work, two of the most important leadership skills are connecting with people, and helping teams thrive. Dr. Todd Hall has developed a remarkable program for helping you engage with your team, and inspire them to accomplish amazing things.

- Phil Cooke
Filmmaker, Media consultant, and Author, One Big Thing

What does it mean to lead with connection?



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