The quality of Todd’s session was excellent. Very meaningful and practical. The feedback from our attendees was simply outstanding. One employee commented that it was the most profound session she attended.

Andre Stephens
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, Biola University





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I love to speak and share insights that move people toward positive change. I’m motivated by seeing people gain a new understanding about themselves and their work, causing them to deepen their connections to others, and strengthen their unique contributions.

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I speak on topics related to personal development, meaningful work, and leadership. My most requested talks on these topics are:

  • The Connected Leader
  • Connected Motivation
  • The Connected Life

I can present these as a keynote or a workshop. Please see below for more details.


Many leaders today are stretched thin, burned out, and disconnected.  It’s time to rethink how we approach leading and working. Research is demonstrating that great leaders are connected leaders—that we are loved into leading. In this presentation, I explain how to move from burnout to leading with connection. Drawing on the science of relationships, you’ll come away with practical insights to help you build positive working relationships that create thriving teams.


Few people know what naturally motivates them. Most passively drift through work they don’t love, becoming disengaged. Our models of motivation are outdated and broken. The science of motivation is revealing the power of internally driven motives—those we all share, and those that are unique to you. In this presentation, I share how to unlock your core motivations to discover a renewed sense of productivity, fulfillment and purpose for you and your team.


We’re cultured to disconnect. Our fragmented society has left many of us relationally and spiritually disconnected. In the midst of this disconnection, a revolution has occurred in the past 50 years. Science and theology are converging on the idea that we grow through relational connections—that we are loved into loving. In this presentation, I share practical insights that will help you heal your disconnection and develop deep and meaningful connections with God and others.

What people are saying

I was grateful for the thoughtful & practical tools Todd brought; an important psychological side of leadership.

Peter T.

Todd brought complex psychological thoughts into common
sense leadership principles.

Amanda B.

I appreciated Todd’s heart to see people grow and connect, and hearing
how we can connect that to the workplace.

Chris A.

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